Amir Karim, ambassador, MBA 1992

Amir Karim, MBA

President and Chief Executive Officer
Polykar Inc.

“There is no doubt in my mind that my MBA was the most important degree of my career.”

Amir Karim graduated with an MBA from HEC Montréal in 1992, and rose through the ranks of family-owned Polykar Inc., a key Québec manufacturer of industrial packaging materials and recycled garbage bags. Through a combination of leadership and expertise, he was able to make a genuine difference in his sector of activity by rendering the latter more competitive, more innovative and more ecologically focused.

As a young boy, Amir Karim dreamt of space, as in outer space, and wanted to become an astronaut. His ambition took him to the University of Toronto where he completed an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering. Very quickly, however, he felt himself drawn to the world of business, a passion which led him to the halls of HEC Montréal, a school he chose for reasons of international renown and the possibility of studying alongside students from across the globe. His aim was to get a degree from a French-language institution to counterbalance his degree from an English-language university.

“I owe a great deal to my MBA from HEC Montréal. When I graduated in 1992, the country was in the throes of a recession. Having my MBA enabled me to stand out in the workplace and secure a job despite challenging economic times.”

Amir Karim experienced the thrill of the fast-paced world of finance when he worked in the ‘Big Apple’ for Goldman Sachs. Once again, he is convinced that his MBA from HEC Montréal played a determining role in the decision by the famed New York firm to hire him. “My MBA training exposed me to diverse facets of the world of business: finance, marketing and human resources. All told, they have served me well in the exercise of my functions throughout my career.”

Amir Karim further underscores that his MBA from HEC Montréal allowed him to build a solid network of contacts. “To this day, I conduct business with people I met while studying for my MBA over 25 years ago. I have also remained in contact with a number of my professors.”

Amir is extremely proud to be an ambassador for the MBA program at HEC Montréal. “When one is successful, I believe that it is important to give back to the school that trained us and opened the doors to a world of opportunity.”

The first word which comes to mind to sum up his MBA: success!

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