Eric Prud’Homme, ambassador, MBA 2006

Eric Prud’Homme, MBA

Global Head, External Communications and Public Relations
Bombardier Transport

“I never could have landed a position in marketing in a large corporation without my MBA”

Eric Prud’Homme graduated with an MBA from HEC Montréal in 2006. Today, he is global head of external communications and public relations with Bombardier Transportation. A seasoned manager in the public affairs sector, Eric boasts a richly diverse profile that has seen him occupy key positions in a number of large organizations.

His dream as a young man: to become a diplomat. Hence the motivation to study for a bachelor’s degree in politics followed by a master’s degree in European studies. Little by little, however, his passion for the world of marketing and communications began to take precedence. It is his father who inspired him and who helped him broaden his knowledge in the field by developing loyalty plans for a number of companies. This experience enabled Eric to secure the position of director of development at Class Afloat, a program which offers young people an extraordinary chance to pursue their education while navigating the world’s oceans aboard a large sailing vessel.

Sensing the need to take his career further, Eric Prud’Homme decided to seek out new skills as a manager, in addition to requisite academic recognition. The HEC Montréal MBA provided just this opportunity with a 53-week, internationally recognized course of study. “My time at this prestige school enabled me to grow my ambitions. I am convinced that I never could have landed a position in marketing at L’Oréal Canada without my MBA from HEC Montréal.”

For Eric, it is important to enrol in an MBA program at the right time and for the right reasons. “An MBA represents a considerable investment in time. One must therefore clearly identify one’s motivating factors and choose the proper time to engage, because an MBA too early in one’s career does not provide the best return on investment.”

With a background in politics and European studies, Eric Prud’Homme does not present a profile typical of MBA students.“I like to tell myself that I represent minorities and diversity!” As a 50th anniversary ambassador, he hopes to inspire other candidates with atypical profiles to take the plunge and, in so doing, contribute to broadening the institution’s influence on the global stage.

The first word which comes to mind to sum up his MBA: unique!

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