Marianne Plamondon, ambassador, MBA 2010

Marianne Plamondon, MBA, CRHP


Langlois Lawyers

“MBA, the best career decision one can make.”

Marianne Plamondon, who graduated with an MBA from HEC Montréal in 2010, is today one of Québec’s leading legal professionals in matters of employment and labour law, especially issues relating to human resource management, restrictive employment clauses, collective agreements, health and safety, individual rights and freedoms, psychological harassment, and administrative and disciplinary measures.

Partner with the prestigious Montréal firm of Langlois Lawyers since November 2017, this young 40-year-old asserts in no uncertain terms that her decision to enrol in the MBA program at HEC Montréal has had a determining impact on both personal and professional development. “An MBA is the best career decision one can make. The program is extremely demanding and one must learn to manage one’s time effectively, but the experience is incredibly enriching!”

Prior to enrolment at HEC, Marianne Plamondon practised as a lawyer for a legal firm active in the national and international arena, and volunteered on a number of boards of directors. Totally committed to her clients, Marianne sought to comprehend more fully the environment in which they operated in an effort to provide more resonant counsel and recommendations. That is what inspired her to enrol in the MBA program at HEC Montréal, even if it represented a veritable tour de force with an infant child and ultra demanding job. However, one of the program’s key attributes is that it allows one to pursue one’s professional activities while studying. “I did not have to put my career on hold when I enrolled.”

When asked what her MBA meant to her, the first word that came to mind was ‘propulsion’. “My MBA clearly enabled me to achieve professional goals that would have been impossible without requisite postgraduate training. The program gave me the strength and confidence I needed to grow my self-confidence and forge ahead, even in challenging situations.”

Marianne Plamondon takes great pride in her role as ambassador for the 50th anniversary of the HEC Montréal MBA program. Intent upon sharing her enthusiasm at every occasion, she remains adamant about encouraging young professionals to embark on this incredible adventure. “I loved my time at HEC and would like all individuals yet undecided to seize the opportunity to fulfil their professional ambitions.”

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