Michael Vineberg, ambassador, MBA 2003

Michael Vineberg, MBA ICD.D

Portage Advisors Inc.

“I cannot imagine doing the work that I do today without the tools and experience acquired during my MBA training.”

Michael Vineberg graduated with an MBA from HEC Montréal in 2003 and enjoys over twenty years of experience in business transformation. As chief executive, director or consultant, Michael has helped any number of companies restructure and expand.

Fascinated by the world of the stock market and investing, Michael Vineberg dreamt of becoming stock broker. However, life ended up taking him in an altogether different direction. Fresh out of McGill University with a degree in economics and management, he landed his first job as an investment consultant. In this capacity, surrounded by seasoned sectoral professionals, he ably perfected the tools of his trade.

The idea of doing an MBA came about quite naturally when a friend told him that he had just enrolled in the program. “I loved my job but knew that I had much more to learn. And I was right!” Michael particularly liked the one-year format of the program, the teaching methodology based on case studies, and the opportunity to study alongside young professionals from the four corners of the earth.

His MBA training continues to serve him in his day-to-day activities. He likens the program to a toolbox that one uses constantly. “I approach problems from new angles and achieve superior results. And I have learned to develop both my critical thinking and my learning capacity, skills that are essential for exercising inspirational leadership.”

To all professionals entertaining the idea of doing their MBA at HEC Montréal, I say, without hesitation: “Do it, whatever the nature of your experience. But beware! Give it your utmost, for the more you invest yourself in your MBA, the more you will get out of it.”

Truth be told, Michael Vineberg is a huge fan of the HEC Montréal MBA program. In his opinion, the program is doubtless the best of its kind in the world, with top calibre faculty, a truly unique course of study and students from all walks of life.

The first word which comes to mind to sum up his MBA: impact!

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